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Kevin T. |

August 16, 2018

“I needed a fence for my two dogs and after doing some research, I came across this company. I was very pleased with my experience. The owner was extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommended!”

Joan C. |

September 14, 2018

“Just had this system installed. Henry and Mike are wonderful to work with. They were very thorough in training me so I know how to train the puppy! I had a quote several years ago from another company, and Dog Guard, is much more affordable.”

Lynda M. |

December 20, 2021

The company was great to work with; we were very happy we chose them for our installation. We had determined an area of coverage that really wasn't going to work out too well; Mike quickly showed us a better way to provide more freedom for our dog and then finished the installation in less than an hour. Our 116 lb mastiff wouldn't let Mike near her for training but he explained to me exactly how to effectively train her myself and she learned quickly. What a relief it is now to just open the door and let our dog out without having to go out with her in this weather! Sorry we waited so long to do this but happy we were able to work with this company, would definitely recommend.

Joshua D. |

September 15, 2021

Great experience start to finish

Catherine D. |

August 18, 2021

I would highly recommend Dog Guard. Our dog has a 3 acre area to play in. He caught on to the training quickly. Mike and Eli (I think it was Eli, if not I apologize for the name error) were very efficient and helpful with the installation and training. Thank you gentlemen! Best money spent to not have to worry about our dog traveling. If you are on the fence about getting an underground fence, get off the fence and get one!!!

Meg |

May 30, 2021

Mike and Henry are extremely responsive and helped us when we had a few issues after our dog fence was installed. Their attention to any problems was immediate and everything was resolved quickly. We appreciate their attention to our concerns and the ability to communicate in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend!

David E. |

April 9, 2021

Installed underground dog fence on about 2 acres; mix of open and wooded and paved asphalt driveway crossing. Excellent job. They were able to fit us in their schedule quickly after we called and finished the job including initial dog training in one day.

Russell W. |

March 2, 2021

Had a German Sherphard that want to kill cyclists... He just barks now. Thanks Mike!

Becky O. |

February 25, 2021

We are so happy with our Dog Guard Fencing! We have NEVER had a dog escape and it only took 1-2 days to train them! Installation was quick, easy and painless and the price affordable! Would 100% recommend Dog Guard!

Teresa C. |

February 12, 2021

these guys are awesome ... they put our fence in trained the dogs , we followed what he told us to do with the dogs and in 2 days they were good .. 2 went through once but not again lol ... had a problem with how the fence went in a spot , he came back and fixed it ... if I could give more than 5 stars I would .. I highly recommend these guys and the fence ... USA MADE

Traci K. |

January 30, 2021

I have to say my whole experience has more than met my expectations. Initial contact was on a weekend and response was immediate. Cost was less than the competition and is U S made with lifetime warranty. Installation was seamless neat and clean. WOW just WOW. Amazing! Just called emailed today a whole year later and got a quick helpful response. We love šŸ’˜ you guys and are so thankful šŸ’—

Jim F. |

January 22, 2021

Mike was great and very personable. His partner was very responsive as I shopped and eventually chose Dog Guard. Mike called ahead and arrived when he said he would. The installation was neat. He took his time training us and initiating the training of our dog. The documentation is very comprehensive and the warranty is second to none. The fence was effective on day 2 ! I'd highly recommend Dog Guard of Central NY.

Michael V. |

December 6, 2020

We did our research amongst multiple companies and Dog Guard offered the best quality in our opinion. They have a great product and their team was awesome - Henry and Mike were extremely professional and answered every question imaginable. Plus, training was a breeze and our dog took to it in no time!

Michael R. |

November 11, 2020

Just had two acres of fence put in professionally by the boys for my two golden retrievers training was a snap fence was great quality and people were very responsive and nice

Randi M. |

September 29, 2020

Extremely easy application process and installation. They exceeded my expectations with every step of the process. Mike was very accommodating and helpful with everything. He explained everything in detail and the whole time maintained that if anything else came up to just call and they would help as needed. I would highly recommend to anyone interested. Thanks so much!!!!

Brandon P. |

August 2, 2020

Henry and Mike were outstanding in installing electric dog fence to keep our rescue dog safe and in yard. They assisted us in training the dog and came back to our house a second time when we decided to encompass a larger area for our rescue dog and retrain dog on boundaries. Great to do business with and excellent follow through if you have any questions. Highly recommend. Dog has not escaped since having fence installed. (90 lb Great dane lab mix).

Lisa V. |

July 27, 2020

This was a very good service. My problem was quickly analyzed by a pleasant technician. He helped me finance my repair at 0% financing for 12 months and set up an appointment with the me to have the repair completed.

Janelle M. |

July 21, 2020

No more runaways. No more stress. Happy dogs and happy dog owners. In three days our dogs were responding to the training, on leash and then off. Mike was very helpful and answered a lot of questions. He offered to come back and help with training if we needed it. Sincere thanks for a great job and a great product. Thanks, Henry and Mike!

Nick G. |

July 8, 2020

Quality of service was excellent, Completion of my fence and overall support was great! I would highly recommend their service! Simple tip here is to stay on top of training your dog as these will not work if you don't put in the effort to make it work.

Chelsea L. |

May 28, 2020

I am so happy to have found Dog Guard! Very easy to work with and always available for questions. The set up was quick and my dog caught onto the training with no problem. There are other companies in the area, but their customer service doesn't match Dog Guard. I've spoken with many neighbors and, after hearing about my experience, those who didn't wish they would have used Dog Guard. Would absolutely recommend to friends, family, and other homeowners!

Rebecca K. |

May 10, 2020

Dog guard was friendly and professional! They spent time with out dog and offered to come back out to help if we had any problems. The fence has been amazing and has offered our dog freedom to roam the entire yard!

Michelle M. |

July 31, 2019

We couldnā€™t be more pleased with our experience with Dog Guard. The service was quick, professional and clean. Our driveway was fixed perfectly and the owner has checked on us to make sure all is going well. Great business.

Kathy J. |

July 8, 2019

Came across Dog Guard while comparing prices for invisible fence. Henri called me just 3 hrs after I had filled out their form on line, he quoted me a price on the phone that was over $1000 less than another name brand company I contacted. Less than a week later Mike was out to install our fence. He spent 6 hrs in the mud & pouring rain fencing in a little over an acre. Mike was friendly & informative & still had a sense of humor at the end of the day. You can spend time comparing prices of other companies but you'll end up calling Mike & Henri. We're very happy we did

Danielle J. |

May 16, 2019

Great people, quality work that was done quickly, and easy to work with!! Thank you!!

Joseph M. |

May 8, 2019

We are so pleased with this dog guard system. Recently we got a new puppy and we had not used the system in a few years. We had a few issues and I contacted customer service a few times over a few weeks. They were extremely helpful every time. They made me feel like I was very important. All is good now and our puppy is on his way to being trained. Great company, great product and best of all great people that work at Dog Guard.

Aaron R. |

April 30, 2019

Recently had Dog Guard of CNY install a wireless fence for our new puppy and we could not be happier. The installation was quick and easy. Before leaving they showed us how to work with our dog to train him how to recognize the fence. And, they responded immediately to questions we had several days later. Great company to work with. I highly recommend this company.

Crystal C. |

April 26, 2019

Excellent service and very responsive to all calls and questions. Most importantly my dogs love their yard! Thank you gentlemen!

April G. |

April 19, 2019

They were great. Very polite and lived up to everything they promised. Their prices also are far lower than the other dog. Fence companies for a superior product. We are so glad we installed our dog fence. Now we can let our lab out without fear of her wandering off or going in the road

Valerie H. |

April 4, 2019

I live on a busy road and was constantly worrying that my dog would run out of the house and get hit. I am so thankful I found Dog Guard of Central New York! It has been life changing. The process was smooth from start to finish and well worth the money.

Celesta S. |

March 30, 2019

Henry and Mike were very professional and great to work with. Installation of our new fence was done within a few hours with no mess. Gave us the piece of mind we were looking for. It's great to watch our dog run around the back yard and enjoy her freedom!! Have recommended them to many people. Thanks guys, you're the best!!

Susan W. |

March 15, 2019

LOVE Dog Guard of CNY! From the initial estimate to the clean up after installation they are a friendly and through company. The fence exceeds my expectations. The initial settings are so far perfect for my 2 Goldendoodles who have not wandered outside of the boundary. I love that the hardware is made in America - locally! I can't recommend this company enough! I am assured and relaxed that I will not have to worry about wandering puppies! Thank you Dog Guard!

Jason V. |

February 21, 2019

Great people great prices. Do yourself a favor and call these guys before you waste your time and money on invisible fence.

Elizabeth S. |

September 16, 2018

Very good service for a great price. They were able to come out quickly after I contacted them to install the fence, and when I had some trouble with it later on they came out the same day to repair it for me. Would definitely recommend!

Joan C. |

September 14, 2018

Just had this system installed. Henry and Mike are wonderful to work with. They were very thorough in training me so I know how to train the puppy! I had a quote several years ago from another company, and Dog Guard, is much more affordable.

Katie C. |

September 13, 2018

I would highly recommend Dog Guard for anyone's dog containment. We have two year old puppies, one a mini golden Doogle and a Chesapeake bay, the escape dog. Since we have had the fence system both dogs are in the yard. Great company to dealing with and easy to reach for any answers.

John T. |

September 13, 2018

Great service, great product, great price. Highly recommend.

Kevin T. |

August 16, 2018

I needed a fence for my two dogs and after doing some research, I came across this company. I was very pleased with my experience. The owner was extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommended!

Mike C. |

July 1, 2018

Great customer service. I had a few questions after the install and they responded via email and text quickly. I would highly recommend DogGuard.

Susan W. |

June 6, 2018

Love this product AND this company. The quality of the fencing is amazing. Our dogs responded well to the training and our neighbors in the village are thankful!!

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